Advanced Physiology

Date: 22/11/18–25/11/18    Location: Kirchzarten (de)

Advanced Physiology

This course provides students with:

  • Advanced NK formatting for folic acid activation and methylation pathways. Knowledge of the 48 human methylation enzymes and their function. Formatting for the S-adenosyl-methionine cycle (SAM), 44 of the 48 methylation enzymes require SAM as the methyl donor. Balancing the MTHFR gene for methylation.
  • How to do genetic testing with 23 and me to balance the genes for methylation, pyrrole & toxicity. It is recommended to get your DNA tested with 23 and me (www.23andme.com) before the course so we can balance this during the course. After this has been done the data can be uploaded in Genetic Genie to get a methylation report and a detoxification report (important with pyrrole issues).
  • Methylation balances for epigenetics, pineal gland production of melatonin and DMT, protein methylation, neurotransmitter methylation (dopamine, Norepinephrine, serotonin and histamine), adrenalin methylation in the adrenals, estrogen toxicity methylation, folic acid methylation and biochemical methylation.
  • 3 phase toxicity balancing, issues with pyrroles and genetics, liver balancing. ○ Caffeine detoxification balance
  • Estrogen detoxification and breakdown, carcinogenic estrogen balancing and estrogen reactivation due an imbalanced gut microbiome
  • Vitamin B6 absorption and biochemistry balancing ○ Ammonia and superoxide balancing
  • Physiological models for the 4 stress states

4 days

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