Chakra Hologram 4

Date: 14/09/16–17/09/16    Location: Central (hk)

Chakra Hologram 4

In Chakra Hologram 1 and 2 and the Celestial Hologram, the transductional holograms used were useful in analysing the different ‘layers’ of the chakra which make up the chakra’s structure. This course analyses the function of the 7 major chakras which has not been done before in kinesiology. It looks at the different types of Pranecules, which are the carrier particles of Pranic force and how prana transduces from plane to plane. Samskaras, which are our compensatory behaviours (eg. Samskara "I am inadequate and a failure", compensation "I have to be overly competent and confident so that I can be recognised") are also explored.

This course provides students with:

  • Advanced major chakra physiology and pranacules balancing.
  • Samskara balancing which dissolves the distortions of reality created by our samskaras. This allows us to learn how to understand our own personal life imbalances, the behaviours that result and the compensations we create to accommodate these states.
  • Sacral Chakra Pheromone balance - sexual activation
  • Throat Chakra Truth-Lie balance – the 14 forms of lying by Stephen Wolinsky PhD
  • Chakra Activation (Reflex) balance
  • Internal Meridian Hologram balance

4 days | prerequisite: Chakra Hologram 1 | 800 AUD

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