Neuroemotional Pathways 1

Date: 16/07/16–19/07/16    Location: Moscow (ru)

Neuroemotional Pathways Series

This series of course explores the neurological pathways associated with emotions along with their distinct functions and related physiological responses. Strong emotions can be described as whole systems with specific sets of triggers and programmed bodily reactions. These systems stimulate us to take action, move forward and adapt by ensuring survival through reproduction and suppression of danger, learning of skills and behaviours, and development of proper social interactions.

Predetermined emotional responses can be activated in a wide range of situations and fulfil a number purposes in evolution of mankind, however stress can trigger emotional systems in inappropriate circumstances and cause reactions that are unwanted or unfitting in their intensity. This series of courses is designed to provide students with a strong knowledge of the various neurological pathways involved in the activation of these emotional systems, their processing in the nervous system, the modulation of the response and its expression by the different body systems. Unique balancing techniques are taught to assist the body in releasing stress and responding appropriately, in a timely manner and with the right intensity to any situation.

These courses provide students with:

  • Detailed information on each emotional system including functions, neurological pathways from stimuli to body response, biochemical activity of neurotransmitters and anatomy and physiology of the response;
  • Integrative techniques that take into account interrelations between systems in particular the effects of the primary emotional systems of survival onto all other systems;
  • Specialised balancing techniques for each system as well as an innovative correction and release technique for neuroemotional stress.

Neuroemotional Pathways 1

This course is one of the most comprehensive and powerful techniques for working with the impact of stress on survival responses. It delves into the study of the brain function involved in the expression of the 5 basic survival emotions. These emotional pathways run specific programs designed for the survival of the human species. The aim of this course is to introduce students to the neurological pathways of emotional stimulation and the associated physiological responses along with unique techniques to balance challenging emotional states that are inappropriate or no longer needed.

This course provides students with:

  • Detailed information on areas of the brain involved with emotional processing and the modulation response initiated by the PAG along with investigation methods to detect stress in specific neurotransmitters, receptors, nutritional and spiritual aspects of each area;
  • Explanations of the five survival emotional systems of fear, rage, panic, seeking and care/nurture, including their origins, purposes and the effects of stress and imbalances on our emotional wellbeing;
  • Simple, step-by-step balancing techniques and corrections to release stress in a powerful way which integrate smoothly into other techniques or modalities.

4 days | prerequisite AP & the Brain, or Brain integration 1, or LEAP, or Brain Formatting | 800 AUD

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