Pathology Hologram - Endocrine, Reproductive & Integumentary

Date: 06/04/18–11/04/18    Location: Venray (nl)

Pathology Series

Pathology A

The first course in the series covers the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary and nervous systems as well as the ear.

This series of courses provides students with:

  • Cardiovascular: Holograms and advanced formatting for every artery and vein, apoproteins and lipoproteins, as well as the heart chambers, valves and muscles. It includes detailed balancing for the circulatory physiology and 63 pathologies.
  • Respiratory: Advanced formatting for all structures in the respiratory system right down to specific cells in the alveoli. Also covers chemoreceptors responsible for monitoring carbon dioxide levels in the CSF, arteries and aorta and the lipoproteins that aid in breathing. There are balances for the combined respiratory and circulatory systems and 34 pathologies.
  • Digestive: Holograms and advanced formatting for the digestive system organs, glands, cells, enzymes, the components of bile and the different liver functions. There are detailed digestive physiology flow charts and 43 pathologies.
  • Urinary: Detailed formats and holograms for the areas, internal structures and functions of the liver, ureter and bladder. Included are 38 pathologies and advanced physiology balances.
  • Nervous: A wealth of information, holograms and formats for the central, peripheral and enteric nervous systems including all the glial cells. Specialised balancing techniques for the ganglions, cranial and spinal nerves, dermatomes, glial cells, enteric, parasympathetic, sympathetic, motor and somatosensory nervous systems and 94 pathologies.
  • Ear: Advanced sound and vestibular physiology balancing protocols and 21 pathologies.

Pathology B

The second course of the series offers a detailed view of the endocrine, reproductive, haemolymphoid, immune, musculoskeletal and integumentary systems as well as the complex systems of the eye.

This series of courses provides students with:

  • Endocrine: Extensive formatting and holograms for the thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, hypothalamus and anterior pituitary, including pancreatic enzymes and structural formats. Advanced balancing of the thyroid, pancreas and adrenal cortex, including hormones, receptors, enzymes and secretory cells, plus 28 pathologies.
  • Reproductive: Advanced formatting for all structures, cells and reproductive hormones. Balances for the reproductive physiology and 73 pathologies including breast cancer and fertility.
  • Haemolymphoid & Immune: There are formats and holograms for all the blood components, cells, glands and CD molecules of the immune system. Advanced physiology balancing techniques for the complement, adaptive and non-specific pathways of the immune system. Detailed haemolymphoid, haemostasis, B cell and T cell physiology balances and 79 pathologies. There is also advanced Type I, II, III and IV allergy balancing along with autoimmune disease.
  • Musculoskeletal: Formats and holograms for every bone and muscle in the body. Muscle and bone physiology balances and 41 pathologies including gene locations for many of them.
  • Integumentary: Holograms and advanced formatting for all the teeth, hair, nails dermatomes (including scar formats) and integumentary cells. There are physiology balances for all of these and 58 pathologies.
  • Eye: Advanced formatting for all the eye structures, muscles, visual fields and colours. There is a balance for how the eyes discern colour and the additional formats can be used to extend the visual pathways (Brain Hologram C) and eye muscle (Structure Hologram 1) balances. There are also 28 pathologies.

200 AUD per day

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