Pyrrole & Methylation Pathways

Date: 10/03/18–11/03/18    Location: Salzburg (at)

Pyrrole & Methylation Pathways

Latest research from NK Institute with extremely powerful formatting.

This course provides students with:

  • Folate activation and the MTHFR gene necessary for converting homocysteine to methionine in the SAM cycle
  • Methylation pathways for the main Methylation enzymes active in humans, including the SAM cycle
  • Pyrrole pathways for making heme and HPU
  • Estrogen breakdown (detoxification) pathways in the liver, breasts, uterus etc. and implications for methylation and pyrrole issues
  • Production of Mauve factor (Dimethyl-ethyl-pyrrole) by methylation
  • What issues your clients could present with ○ Changes to lifestyle and diet
  • Different supplements that could help your methylation and pyrrole clients

2 days

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