Burnout Pathways

Date: 27/10/18    Location: Murwillumbah*


The symptoms of adrenal fatigue, ‘burnout’ and PTSD are hugely prevalent in today’s fast paced world. These conditions relate to the third stage of stress or the exhaustion phase. Hugo has developed a working model of burnout that includes the unmyelinated vagus nerve of Porges polyvagal theory and the effects of reverse T3. In this course you will learn the following:

  • Physiological models for the 4 stress states
  • Anatomy of the unmyelinated vagus nerve
  • Neurochemistry of the unmyelinated vagus nerve
  • Effects of reverse T3 in the body
  • Model for the mechanism of low cortisol levels in burnout and PTSD
  • NK acupressure formatting for the burn out pathways
  • What issues your clients could present with
  • Changes to lifestyle and diet
  • Different supplements that could help your burnout clients

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