Neuroemotional Pathways 4

Date: 27/07/17–30/07/17    Location: Murwillumbah*

Neuroemotional Pathways 4

In this course, students will work with the 5 survival emotions to an even deeper level as they learn to understand them according to the impact of time and experience. This course focuses on two different aspects of memory formation and recall:

  1. Dealing with the 5 primary survival emotions (Rage, Fear, Panic, Seeking & Nuture) in relation to experience. This involves investigating the key area in the emotional processing stage to identify where your client is stuck and then balancing that specific part of the pathway. Emotions can be expressed, suppressed and resolved. The suppression pathway is the most important for working with long term stored emotions in the body. It also includes a balancing pathway for emotional conditioning in instances where an emotion, has been conditioned to a specific stimulus, which previously was neutral. Cases of abuse and posttraumatic stress often have conditioning to the emotion fear.
  2. Working with the processes involved in learning. Unique pathways are studied for visual and auditory function, as well as reading, which combines both. These are further divided into numeracy and literacy pathways. The different types of memory involved in learning are also studied from short term to long term and familiarity. Aptitude tests used by psychologists to assess these areas are covered for each of the types of memory and the pathways specific to the sensory input and neural function.

This course provides students with:

  • Excellent understanding of the different types of sensory input and how they affect memory;
  • Methods to identify the specifics of emotional functioning (suppression, expression, resolution) from a neurological level and facilitate the balancing of these processes;
  • Techniques to work with emotional conditioning which can uncover the nature of the stimulus and directly impact PTSD and trauma sufferers;
  • Balancing techniques for specific pathways in the PAG for the 5 different survival emotions and how these are expressed or suppressed in the body;
  • Balancing techniques to work with learning processes in a step by step fashion from attention and memory to auditory and visual reception to numbers and words recognition.

4 days | prerequisite: NEPS 1 | 800 AUD

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