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Newsletter: May 2019

Message from our CEO: 
My name is Kerrie McFarlane and I have the pleasure of taking over the new role as CEO of NK Institute. I have been working in the kinesiology field for over 20 years now, as practitioner, lecturer and RTO manager and I hope that my experience may be of value as I take on this new exciting venture. I continue to be amazed at the effectiveness of kinesiology and enjoy being part of an institution that cares deeply about bringing kinesiology training to the community. We also offer many courses to existing practitioners so they can continue to develop their skills and professionalism.  
Thank you Hugo Tobar for this wonderful opportunity.

NK International Conference Kyiv, Ukraine

In April, the first international NK conference was held in Kyiv, Ukraine, demonstrating NK as a worldwide leader in Kinesiology. There were speakers from Russia, Europe and the UK, along with NK’s Australian founder, Hugo Tobar. This conference was organised by  one  of  our   leading   international   sponsors,   Daria Kovalchuk. Covering topics such as burnout and adrenal fatigue, the neurophysiological balance of emotions, dyslexia and dysgraphia, psychosomatics and psychotherapeutics, learning difficulties in children, equine kinesiology and working with animals, this exciting event was a great success and has set the scene for future international events, bringing together NK leaders from across the globe.

Check out Hugo’s fascinating interview with Daria Kovalchuk in Kiev, Ukraine.


Nutritional Kinesiology & Naturopathic Kinesiology

The first weekend of May saw NK Institute exhibiting at the 7th Bioceuticals Research Symposium - ‘Mood, Genes and Cognition’ - at the Hilton, Sydney. This amazing event delivered world class speakers covering topics such as nutrigenomics, the gut brain connection, autism, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, methylation in mental health and Alzheimer’s disease, and saw hundreds of Natural Medicine Practitioners attending from across Australia.

Carrie, our NK Naturopathic representative attended this event to promote our exciting new training programs, specifically designed for Nutritionists and Naturopaths, beginning in 2020. The Professional Certificate Training in Nutritional Kinesiology and the Advanced Professional Certificate Training in Naturopathic Kinesiology are designed for existing Naturopaths, Nutritionists and other Integrative Medicine Practitioners who are interested in adding the incredible benefits of NK to their current scope of practice. 

It was a fantastic weekend and we are now looking forward to attending the upcoming Metagenics Congress of Natural Medicine in just a few weeks on the Gold Coast.

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