NK Basic Practitioner Training

NK Basic Practitioner Training

This training package constitutes the entry level professional practitioner qualification and is most indicated for the student who wishes to start out a practice in the field of kinesiology. Whether a career change is in order or you are addressing a deep desire to help people regain their health in a natural, gentle way, the Basic Practitioner Training courses will provide you with skills and knowledge to attend to a wide range of health imbalances.

Additional to the workshops of the NK Foundation Training, the NK Basic Practitioner Training includes our two most popular courses, Chakra Hologram 1 and Neuroemotional Pathways 1 – The Survival Emotions, providing an excellent basis for working more in depth with key emotional and behavioural patterns. Please read the course descriptions for a more detailed understanding of these units.

Completion of this qualification will allow you to obtain membership with the AKA (Australian   Kinesiology Association) and start working at the basic professional level.

It will also enable you to undertake additional workshops from our extensive course offerings independently from formal qualifications, as suits your time and interest.

Benefits of the Basic Practitioner Training

  • All the great benefits of the Foundation Training;
  • Develops sound understanding of the impacts of stress on the expression of the 5 basic survival emotions and provides formatting techniques for associated behavioural patterns;
  • Introduction to the biochemical pathways of the organ and glands associated with the 14 energy meridians and their energetic impact on vital anatomical processes;
  • Deepens knowledge of the 7 major chakras introduced in Foundation Training including balancing techniques for all their significant imbalances and impacts on their associated aspects of the endocrine system;
  • Sound understanding of the concepts of chi flow through the Chinese five elements and various meridians, chi imbalance states and corresponding emotional states and the techniques to identify correct them. 


Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Foundation Workshops

NK Basic Practitioner Training Workshops

NK Foundation Training Courses

Basic Practitioner - Additional Courses

Principles of Kinesiology 1 

Balancing with the 5 Elements 

Principles of Kinesiology 2 

Physiology Formatting 

Principles of Kinesiology 3

Chakra Hologram 1 

Principles of Kinesiology 4

Neuroemotional Pathways 1 (NEPS 1)

Brain Formatting


Chakra Metaphors



NK Basic Practitioner Training Units



Professional Association Membership

The NK Basic Practitioner of Kinesiology certification allows professional membership with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) as Registered Kinesiology Practitioner (RKP).

Other requirements of the membership include the completion of 250 kinesiology hours (100 hours as CAT A and 75 hours as CAT B).

Current First Aid certificate must also be provided.


Course Duration:  12 months