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Are You Looking for Kinesiology Schools or Colleges? NK Institute Offers Beginner and Advanced Courses

Choosing between kinesiology schools is an important decision and one that can be difficult to make. Diploma courses are significant investments, so you want to make sure that you choose the best option for you. There are many different kinesiology courses with important variations. Some of the factors to consider include the number of hours of face-to-face training involved, whether the kinesiology taught in the program is an internationally recognised modality of kinesiology, and whether the trainers themselves are the developers of the material.

NK Institute of Kinesiology

When you are choosing between kinesiology colleges, consider NK Institute. Here, you’ll receive over 600 hours of face-to-face training as well as self-paced course book learning. We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), and we offer courses in neuroenergetic kinesiology, a specialised kinesiology stream developed by Hugo Tobar, the founder of NK Institute. Neuroenergetic kinesiology is recognised internationally and taught in all major institutes of kinesiology. Hugo Tobar is not only a world-renowned kinesiologist but also our core course developer and teacher of many of our courses.

Many RTOs provide only 450 to 480 face-to-face hours and fill the rest of the required time with workbooks. At NK Institute, we believe that you learn more techniques more thoroughly through face-to-face training. That’s why we provide 600 hours of face-to-face training in our diploma. This extra time ensures that our students get the best possible education and will be as prepared as possible to begin their new careers or add the techniques they learn in the program to their existing practices.

It’s essential to train in an RTO that focuses on Kinesiology because it means that the staff and trainers have experience, and are qualified educators in the industry. The best instructors have been practising kinesiology for a long time and have experience both practising and teaching kinesiology. At NK Institute, our programs include the HLT52415 Diploma of Kinesiology as well as two advanced accredited qualifications. We offer not just any kinesiology training, but the most in-depth modern kinesiology training around today.

How We Help Our Students Succeed

Hugo Tobar, the founder of NK Institute and developer of neuroenergetic kinesiology, has been training in Australia since 1998 (when he was still a student) and overseas since 1999. He created NK Institute in 2008 to train people according to the new qualification of a Certificate IV and Diploma in Kinesiology. Due to rising industry standards, the minimum qualification is now the Diploma. We do everything we can to ensure our students’ success, starting with several convenient locations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Rockhampton, and Murwillumbah. We also offer special courses in Sydney and Perth. We go above and beyond most colleges when it comes to student support, offering a superior mentoring and supervision system. We are flexible, and our system is compatible with independent learning. If you’re looking at kinesiology schools, contact NK Institute to find out more about why we might be the right one for you.