Study & Learn Kinesiology Exercise Science

What Is the Study of Kinesiology and Where Can You Learn about Kinesiology and Exercise Science?

Kinesiology is a complementary health practice that assists the body with its natural healing abilities – rather than healing the patient, kinesiology helps the patient’s body heal itself. It is a gentle, non-invasive experience that involves muscle testing to assess the patient’s physical, emotional, and biochemical states. Kinesiology works on the belief that all these aspects of a patient’s whole self must be in balance to function optimally.

When you study kinesiology, you learn many techniques that help the body heal itself. Whenever a blockage or imbalance exists, or stress prevents a smooth energy flow throughout the body, kinesiology exercise science techniques such as muscle testing can help us determine how to put the body back into proper working order. Physical and mental manifestations of imbalance can include pain, stress, nutritional deficiencies, learning difficulties, and behavioural problems. There are many different forms of kinesiology. Practitioners can evaluate a patient to identify the best treatment plan.

How Does Kinesiology Work?

The human body has amazing healing abilities. It is always trying to look after its own well-being, but sometimes, it needs a little help to achieve this self-care. When you learn kinesiology, you’ll learn that there are energy flows within the body that affect not only muscles but also every organ and tissue that make the body alive. Uncovering those hidden subconscious areas that hang onto negative memories or belief systems is essential.

We can assess these flows of energy through muscle testing. The state of the muscles reveals a lot about the body’s overall state of balance. This ability of kinesiology allows it to look beyond symptoms into the energies that conventional modalities can overlook. Kinesiology does not cure diseases; rather, it helps restore balances to the body’s energy to help it in its efforts to heal itself. Using muscle testing, kinesiology can access your “internal being” and quite specifically determine the best techniques to restore balance to your body. When everything is functioning well in your system, you feel well, and you are well.

Kinesiology Study at NK Institute

Kinesiology is a rapidly growing area of healthcare with a high demand for practitioners. As more and more people learn about its benefits, they add this complementary treatment to their healthcare efforts. Neuroenergetic kinesiology is a modality developed by Hugo Tobar, the founder of NK Institute. Tobar is also a prolific developer of kinesiology courses and teaches advanced courses for those wishing to begin a career in this field or add to their existing practices. At NK Institute, we have many student-focused, flexible options for earning your qualification at several locations in Australia. A qualification in this exercise science opens many professional doors for you as you will be able to start your own business or add these techniques to your existing business, or use them in massage, acupuncture, nutritional medicine, and much more. Contact NK Institute to learn more about kinesiology and how our courses can help you reach your professional and health goals.