Kinesiology Certificate & Undergraduate Programs

Why the NK Institute Is a Terrific Place to Pursue Kinesiology Certificate Programs—from Undergraduate to Graduate

Have you been looking for a place that offers kinesiology certificate programs? If you are interested in pursuing a career in kinesiology and live in Australia, then the NK Institute might just be the ideal place to study. With a wide variety of kinesiology programs available, multiple training locations and a background of renown, we can help you find your footing in this fascinating and growing field of alternative medicine.

Why Choose the NK Institute?

One of the factors that draw many students to the NK Institute is the presence of our principal, Hugo Tobar. In addition to being the founder of the NK Institute, Hugo has international recognition for his accomplishments and innovations in the field of kinesiology. He is routinely invited to teach courses at institutes throughout Europe. Perhaps most notably—at least if you are looking for kinesiology certificate programs—Huge Tobar is one of the world’s most prolific creators of contemporary kinesiology curriculum.

Indeed, over the years, Hugo has developed 49 courses for modern kinesiology education. The courses he has written are now taught around the world, in many different institutions. They also form the backbone of the kinesiology graduate programs and undergraduate programs we offer at the NK Institute. Whether you are a beginner in the first stages of pursuing a Diploma of Kinesiology or an accredited practitioner looking to study niche speciality techniques, there’s a kinesiology program waiting for you at the NK Institute.

Many existing or aspiring kinesiology professionals come to the NK Institute because they know our reputation. They have heard or (or perhaps worked with) Hugo Tobar in the past and know they can put their trust in the program he built to provide superb education and skill building.

Other individuals, meanwhile, seek out the kinesiology certificate programs at the NK Institute because of their flexibility. Most of our qualifications are trained in multiple locations throughout Australia—including Brisbane, Murwillumbah, Melbourne, and Rockhampton. Our courses for speciality interests, meanwhile, are based in Perth and Sydney. This geographic reach helps us serve more pupils than we ever could if we trained everything from a single campus location.

The flexibility of our kinesiology programs goes beyond just location, too. For students at certain levels, we have systems in place to work with independent learning. This type of arrangement can be extremely beneficial for pupils who live far from our normal course locations, or who are working towards their kinesiology certificate(s) while holding down part-time or full-time jobs. If you decide to work with us for kinesiology undergraduate programs, be sure to enquire about potential independent learning opportunities.

Enrol in One of Our Kinesiology Programs Today

Are you interested in pursuing certification through one of the NK Institute’s kinesiology undergraduate or graduate programs? If so, peruse our website to learn a bit more about the courses we are currently offering. You can see our introductory courses here and our advanced courses here. Feel free to give us a call on 1300 556 029 if you have any questions.