I enjoyed the relaxed environment, made learning new things much easier, with stress out of the way.

The course was awesome.

There was a lovely tidy kitchen & training room prior to class. Helped me feel relaxed & ready to learn. (all jokes aside, this really is true)

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this course. I felt valued and comfortable. I believe Hugo Tobar's teaching style is improving with every course I attend.

I was very happy with the venue, the presentation of material, the friendliness and support of Hugo and the support staff, everything in fact. We were given lots of practice time, which I feel is extremely important. The material is very interesting, the manual is clear and I feel easy to follow. This work is very powerful. Thank you!

I found the people involved (ALL) to be enthusiastic and willing to help others, Hugo was extremely generous with his time. Being around so many like-minded people was a blessing. Overall the experience was sacred.

This was an amazing, positive, and intense course. I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

Really enjoyed the amount of time to practice. Found the course really interesting and will be looking forward to using it.

Learners are on different trajectories in this program and over-all this is a very stimulating program.

I felt that our instructor (Yamuna) had prepared us very well throughout the year. I was able to absorb & practice the information provided & can now add it to what we have already learnt. Thanks Yamuna!

The course content was fantastic and very interesting to learn. I feel really great after the balances I received in our practice.

I absolutely loved the training and will definitely do my best to attend all future courses. Hugo demonstrated a thorough knowledge and I loved the encouragement to do 'whatever works'. Very impressed with Hugo.

Hugo’s training was great his level of knowledge of the human body was outstanding and his relaxed nature made the course thoroughly enjoyable. Have already recommended his training to other friends.

Simple but powerful, thank you.

It will take a few days to comprehend the vast amount of possibilities this course brought with it! I feel this course reawakened my passion for kinesiology and expanded my holistic health coaching studies to a level that’s beyond studying nutrition!

I found the subject matter itself very interesting and am keen to learn more.

I loved the training. Always so interesting and fun and love learning off Marie Hayes.

Kendall, you have a great way of explaining answers in a way that is grasped by the group.

This is an amazing program and feel privileged to be part of it.

I just loved this weekend. I found it interesting, vulnerable & loads of room for self-development through our learnings.

Thanks Hugo for holding these learnings in such a great environment. I love your vision you've mentioned previously of turning it into options for retreat and healing & learning centre down the track too.

Learning environment is comfortable allowing freedom of different learning styles. Enjoy new knowledge.

Thanks for unreal, surreal immune experience!! I had no idea that those balances would be so deep! All of us in Melbourne had huge shifts that connected us to higher self in the balances. I don’t even have allergies or immune issues and my balances were still so full of clarity and energy. Felt amazing! Thanks for sharing all that u do. I’m so grateful to be learning from someone who also is so open and honest about themselves. U really do give us your all Hugo.

Leesa Stringer

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