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In this episode, Julissa speaks with Hugo Tobar about how he started in Kinesiology and how he has seen it impact people's lives (source). Website:


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Additional Insights for Dietary Pathways Case Studies (2016)

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What is Kinesiology? - A Neuroenergetic Perspective (2015)

Stress and Emotion - What We Do with it

Working with Trauma & Conditioned Stimulus (2015)

Hugo Tobar at the EnKA Conference 2011 in Santa Fe

IKC conference Japan 2010 (en->jp)

Exhibition: Gesund (Health) & Wellness in Salzburg Austria 2010 (en->de)

Hugo Tobar speaks at the IASK Paris, May 2007 (en->fr)

TFH Conference; Brain Formatting (2005, en)

Hugo Tobar - Interview 2005 (en)

Mount Warning early morning