Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At NK Institute, we believe that studying kinesiology is a process that involves learning, practice and personal development. To support you in your journey, we provide you with a good balance of practical and theoretical training along with sufficient time to integrate the new knowledge, practice the skills and experience the changes in your life.  

Our main philosophy is to make the unknown known and by this we mean using kinesiology to help individuals discover their unknown. At NK Institute, we will show you how to help your clients discover their deepest untold truths using unique powerful kinesiology techniques. The study journey is also one of personal development and change. Students training with NK Institute will embody their own transformation with the ultimate result of living a life that is more aligned with their personal truth. We ensure that all students training with us are given a safe space to fully experience their own transformational journey through practice and exchange with like-minded people.

Providing a safe space also means to encourage students to train at their own time according to their resources. We offer a pay-as-you-go system where students are billed one workshop at a time as they come up, rather than requesting full upfront payment for the qualification they wish to enrol in. At NK Institute, we believe that learning the skills and techniques of kinesiology should be done with the least amount of financial stress and training should be undertaken when students are physically, mentally, financially and spiritually ready to do so. 

During training, students will confront the causes of the stress experienced in their lives and manifesting in their body and will release emotional trauma that often holds us back. This will enable lifestyle decisions to be made painlessly and positive changes easier to commit to. Although the standard duration of the qualifications is usually two and a half to three years, we understand that students often need time to integrate these changes. Our flexible study options allow students to take their time with their learning process thus ensuring the quality of their lives and their improved ability to learn. The NK Institute team provides students with all the support they need throughout their journey of self-discovery so they can be fully dedicated to perfecting their stress management techniques. In turn, our students grow into highly competent practitioners who can successfully replicate the concept of safe space into their own clinic to better support their clients in their own transformations and healing journey.

Our second philosophy aims to make the world a better place by improving one person’s situation at a time starting with our own students. Supporting students to grow in a secure environment allows them to wish to recreate that experience for their clients. At NK Institute, we believe that learning kinesiology is also about understanding the attributes of a successful practice.

Our highly trained teachers have years of experience as practitioners and trainers and they are ready to help students build their confidence, encouraging them to develop their own practice style based on existent knowledge and interests. Through time, experience and personal development, students expand their skills and wisdom into unique attributes that can be transferred directly into a professional practice where they can have a real impact on their client’s lives.  

Through practice, students get to experience the change brought about by each workshop giving them a complete appreciation of how the techniques can truly benefit their future clients. This insight comes from personally experiencing the changes facilitated by kinesiology and is a powerful tool that makes our students exceptional practitioners.

Our third philosophy lies within the progressive and innovative nature of the Institute. NK Institute is currently recognised as the leading institute of kinesiology in the world. Hugo Tobar, the founder and principal of the Institute, ensures that the material and workshops are at the forefront of the kinesiology field by keeping the techniques updated and in line with the latest research evidence in areas such as neuroscience, psychology, endocrinology, immunology, genetics, pathology, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology.  

NK Institute is a progressive institution and its leader travels the world over to teach and work alongside other kinesiology institutes to remain attuned to any changes and innovations. His work on the international level ensures that NK Institute is constantly evolving and adapting to new ideas.

This leads us to our fourth philosophy which is contained in our motto – Anchored in science, spiritual in essence. At NK Institute, we believe that the better your understanding of the human anatomy, physiology and psyche, the better your ability to help people identify, access and release the stress in those areas. By using the most recent knowledge of the human body provided by modern science combined with the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, our practitioners can navigate the body and access the stress stored in all areas of the human being. The greater the knowledge and mastery of the skills, the most accurate and profound the intervention will be.