Kinesiology Muscle Testing Training Courses

The Benefits of Kinesiology and Where to Find Kinesiology Muscle Testing Training Courses

Simply defined as the study of human movement, kinesiology involves testing a patient’s muscles to assess their health. The practitioner can discover imbalances in physique, nutrition, chemistry, or emotion by determining the variation of stress resistance in a specific muscle group. Then, any imbalances found can be treated using acupressure on certain points of the body to readjust the nervous system.

Traditionally, kinesiology explores how muscles behave and coordinate with each other to move the body. However, within the holistic health field, the term is used differently. In this context, muscle testing can reveal stress and imbalance within the body. These imbalances can relate to stress, learning problems, nutrition, injuries, and more, making muscle testing a versatile and effective tool.

It’s important to recognise that kinesiology can improve your well-being by encouraging your body’s natural healing abilities. This practice teaches that the body, mind, and spirit are connected, and when they are in balance, optimal health is possible. Kinesiology sessions may include acupressure, counselling, sound therapy, colour therapy, emotional release techniques, homoeopathy, nutritional changes, and more.

Treating the body as a whole

When you treat the body as a whole and not as a collection of separate parts, you can optimise energy flow, and imbalances can be corrected, returning the body to a state of good health. For example, a weak muscle can cause a ripple effect where it causes other muscles to overwork or weaken, leading to joint pain which causes stress and general malaise as the bones are then not supported correctly by the affected muscles. Kinesiology can address the whole problem, not just part of it. It can also be helpful for brain function, learning disabilities, pain relief, depression, insomnia, addiction, hormonal disorders, and a variety of other physical and mental health conditions.

Neuroenergetic kinesiology (NK) is a type of kinesiology developed by Hugo Tobar. NK involves the identification of acupressure formats to each step of a physiological or anatomical pathway, which allows the practitioner to follow the specific pathway to relieve stress accurately. This concept became the foundation of the balancing protocols of NK. Extensive formatting systems now exist in all areas of the human body and energetic structures.

Kinesiology Training Courses at NK Institute

Hugo Tobar has been training in Australia since he was still a student in 1998 and internationally since 1999. If you think a career in this exciting field may be right for you, the NK Institute offers kinesiology muscle testing training courses in Brisbane, Murwillumbah, Rockhampton, and Melbourne. We are an internationally recognised learning institution offering two advanced diplomas for kinesiology in Australia. Our quality kinesiology training is designed to meet the rising standards and stringent regulations in the industry. We also offer beginner courses to prepare students for training in the highest level of qualification. Our courses are flexible, student-focused, and comprehensive, and we place a strong emphasis on helping our students succeed through our excellent mentoring and supervision system. Contact NK Institute today to learn more about beginning or furthering your career in kinesiology.