Certificate IV (10831NAT)

10831NAT Certificate IV in Energy Kinesiology

This training program constitutes the entry level professional practitioner training and is most indicated for the student who wishes to start out a practice in the field of kinesiology. Whether a career change is in order or you are addressing a deep desire to help people regain their health in a natural, gentle way, the Certificate IV courses will provide you with skills and knowledge to attend to a wide range of health imbalances.

Completion of this training will allow you to obtain membership with the AKA and start working at the basic professional level (level 4) if you complete the required units of competencies, assessments and recorded clinical hours.

It also enables you to undertake additional workshops from our extensive offerings independently from any formal qualifications, as suits your time and interest.

If you choose to study further, this certification is equivalent to the first year of kinesiology workshops in the HLT52415 Diploma of Kinesiology.

This qualification is the only kinesiology qualification that is eligible for the learner to receive AUSTUDY and is exclusively offered through NK Institute.

Benefits of the Certificate IV in Energy Kinesiology

  • Austudy Approved Course for up to 108 weeks
  • Develops sound understanding of the impacts of stress on the expression of the 5 basic survival emotions and provides formatting techniques for associated behavioural patterns;
  • Introduction to the biochemical pathways of the organ and glands associated with the 14 energy meridians and their energetic impact on vital anatomical processes
  • Deepens knowledge of the 7 major chakras introduced in Foundation Training including balancing techniques for all their significant imbalances, archetype, belief patterns and impacts on their associated endocrine system;
  • Sound understanding of the concepts of chi flow through the Chinese five elements and various meridian systems, identifying chi imbalances and their corresponding emotional states and the correction techniques.
  • Articulates directly into the HLT52415 Diploma of Kinesiology at no extra cost and with 1 extra year of training

Course Duration: 1½ years

Entry requirements: No prerequisites




Principles of Kinesiology 1 to 4

8 days

Brain Formatting

2 days

Chakra Metaphors

2 days

Physiology Formatting

2 days

Balancing with the 5 Elements

2 days

Chakra Hologram 1

4 days

Neuroemotional Pathways 1

4 days 

Units of Competency

The First Aid Certificate HLTAID003 must be completed externally

Certificate IV in Kinesiology Units

  • COMMUNICATION: Fostering appropriate relationships
  • BUSINESS: Managing and marketing a thriving practice
  • KINESIOLOGY: Mastering kinesiology practice skills
  • ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Using scientific background information to support practice

Certificate IV in Kinesiology Practicums

The 10831NAT Certificate IV in Kinesiology Kinesiology consists of 13 units of competency.  These required common units of competency include 2 kinesiology and 4 specialised kinesiology units. 

Attendance at all kinesiology workshops, completion of all units and 50 recorded practice hours are required to obtain the qualification. The practice hours are made up of 20 hours of supervised student clinic and 30 hours of mentored kinesiology balances done externally.

During the 1½ year qualification students will be presented with opportunities to work with the public under supervision. This essential training requirement enables the integration of the essential skills and knowledge learned from the workshops and units. Throughout the year trainers from all our locations will provide regular webinars and mentoring opportunities for the NK student community.

After completing the qualification all students will be able to obtain a Registered Kinesiology Practitioner status with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA). Completion of the Diploma of Kinesiology qualification allows professional membership with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) as a Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner (RSKP).

Other requirements of the membership include the completion of 250 kinesiology hours (100 hours as CAT A and 150 hours as CAT B), 40 hours of communication studies and 100 hours of anatomy and physiology. Current First Aid certificate must be provided.

Course Duration:  1½ years

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