Marie Hayes, Trainer

Marie Hayes

Marie is a Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner who is now based in Rockhampton after spending most of her life in rural and regional areas of Queensland. She started studying kinesiology in 2004 and became a practitioner in her own clinic in 2009. She then completed her Diploma of Kinesiology at NK Institute in 2012 and has been furthering her kinesiology training ever since.

She is an active member of the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) with whom she is also registered as an official Mentor/Supervisor. She is a qualified Kinesiology Instructor for NK Institute and she has been training students for the Certificate IV in Kinesiology for the last few years. Prior to becoming an NK Institute Instructor, she was also a Trainer of Touch for Health for 4 years.

Marie is very passionate about kinesiology and she loves working with and teaching Neuroenergetic Kinesiology.  She finds kinesiology to be a very simple yet very powerful tool to help people regain health and wellbeing.

She gets a great amount of pleasure being able to bring this sort of training into the regional areas of Queensland.  She finds teaching kinesiology to be very rewarding and fulfilling and she enjoys watching students grow throughout their learning process.

The best part of all of this for Marie is that anyone can do it!